Sundong Kim PhD student at KAIST


As of Nov 2017, here are things about me.
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2015.03 –Present: Ph.D. Candidate - Graduate School of Knowledge Service Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Daejeon, Republic of Korea
2013.03 –2015.02: Master of Science - Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Daejeon, Republic of Korea
2008.02 – 2013.02: Bachelor of Science - Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Academic Background:

IE Core: Queueing Theory(IE633), Stochastic Modeling I-II(Poisson processes and Markov chain - IE632, Martingales, Random Walk - IE671), Supply Chain Management, Engineering Statistics I-II, Operations Research I-II, Production Management I-II, Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Several Financial Engineering Courses

Programming: Java, Python, R, MATLAB, SPARQL, Virtuoso. Please refer my github repositories

Data Mining: Data Mining (KSE525)[Final Project: Kaggle],  Social Network Analysis(KSE625) [Music Recommendation Web Service], Machine Learning(CS570),  Large-Scale Data Mining (KSE526), Networks in Economics and Finance(TUB)

Others: Human Computer Interaction (KSE531) [Our Application], Mobile Pervasive Computing (KSE624) [Android Project] [Arduino Project] , Business Intelligence (KSE521), Agent-based modeling (IE472)[Final Paper]


2013.08 - 2017.02 Knowledge-Base Bootstrapping (B-Box) in WiseKB project
Developed core algorithm (Property Domain Inference, Finding Class for resources) and software deployment in Exobrain WiseKB project.
Advised by Prof. Jae-Gil Lee, Worked with Prof. Key-Sun Choi and Saltlux.
2010.06 - 2010.08 Discrete Event Modeling in Mobile Harbor Project
Undergraduate Independent Study: Studied Queueing Theory and worked on simulation of mobile harbor using Java(discrete-event modeling).
Advised by Prof. James Morrison.


2016.07 - Current Understanding human behaviors by learning from high-level indoor motion patterns
2013.08 - 2016.06 Automatic Knowledge-Base Evolution by Learning Instances
Research along with the Exobrain WiseKB project,
Achieving automatic knowledge-base refinement by extracting type information for resources, and inferring property domain. Proposed hierarchical classification model for type and domain inference.
Submitted in ISWC2014, Oral presentation in KIPS Spring conference 2014
2014.05 - 2015.04 Discovering asymmetric relationship with Ego Network  
Interested in finding asymmetric relationship among huge network, approximate it by analyzing ego network
Subtopic : Active friend recommendation by maximizing influence (Masters Thesis)


Korean Native
English Full Professional


  • TA of iPodia alliance, 2013-2016 Spring, 2017 Fall.
    • Course name: Principals and practices of global innovation
    • Led by Professor Stephen Lu in USC, Working with Professor James. R. Morrison
    • Over 500 students from USC, KAIST, PKU, Tsinghua, Technion, BITS, Aachen, and NTU have participated) - total 5 semesters 
    • Role: Help interactions between global students, set up the video conference classroom, Managed 2-week travel to USC and 2-week visits of 100+ students
  • TA of KSE525: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Graduate level course), 2017 Spring.
    • TA of KSE625: Data Mining for Social Networks (Graduate level course), 2017 Fall.
    • TA of GMU research camp, 2012-2014.
      • Research camp for ingenious student - Seoul Science High School
      • 1 time of 3-week camp, 3 times of 1-week camp
      • Help student's interaction with American lecturers(Ph.D., Postdoc)
      • Support student's research project
    • TA of KSE department, 2015.03-2016.02.
      • Took & Manage photos of diverse department events
      • Took lab and professor's photos with Hyung-Joon Juen
      • Made Movies of department news
      • Helped making system for department inventory management
    • Worked in Deloitte Consulting, TI group, Intern, 2012.08-2012.11.
      • Survey and analysis about AhnLab and its competitor for product-service pricing in AhnLab
      • Learn algorithms and workflow in the PMO team, Leading development of Exture+ system in KRX
    • Participated in OKBQA 2014, OKBQA 2015 Hackathon.
      • Worked for candidate reduction in the entity disambiguation module, by modifying AGDISTIS software, advised by Dr. Axel-C. Ngonga Ngomo. [Slide]
    • Student Exchange program
    • Mentor
    • Tutor
      • Activity in KAIST Tutoring Program
        • IE332: Operations Research 2, Tutees: Seonghoon Kim, Hoongi Song, 2015 Fall.
        • IE332: Operations Research 2, Tutees: Woojin Doo, Noh-il Park, 2014 Fall.
        • IE101: Introduction to Operations Research, Tutees: Mohammed Al-dossari, Amira Ansi, 2013 Spring.
        • MAS101: Calculus 1, Tutees: Mohammed Al-dossari, Amira Ansi, 2013 Spring.
      • Activity outside KAIST
        • High School Math 1, Tutees: Dunsan Girl's High School students, KAIST Midam scholarship program, 2012 Spring.
        • High School Math 2, Tutee: Woojong Kim(Former Hansung Science High School Student, entered KAIST), 2012.01.
        • 8th grade Math, Tutee: Billy Lim(Former ISS International School Student, entered U.Toronto), Singapore, 2010 Fall.
        • 8th grade Math, Tutee: Taewoong Park(Former Oversee Family School student, entered Solbridge), Singapore, 2010 Fall.
    • Awards and Honors
      • National Scholarship for Graduate Studies, Republic of Korea, 2013-Current.
      • Scholarship for Academic Excellence(Ranked in the Top 4) from Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, KAIST, 2009-2010.
      • National Science & Technology Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies, Republic of Korea, 2008-2013.
      • Bronze Prize, The 21st Korean Mathematical Olympiad, Korean Mathematical Society, 2007.
    • Academic Activities
      • Student member of IEEE, 2015.
      • Member of Human & Cognitive Language Society(HCLT), 2015.
      • Member of Korean Information Processing Society (KIPS), 2014.