Sundong Kim PhD student at KAIST


International Conference

  • Friend Recommendation with a Target User in Social Networking Services
    Sundong Kim
    31st IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) 2015, Seoul, Korea. (Ph.D. Symposium)
    [Link] [PDF] [Presentation]

Domestic Conference

  • 와이파이 모니터링 기술로 센싱된 고객들의 매장 내부 이동 패턴들을 이용한 재방문 예측
    (Predicting Customer’s Revisit Intention Using Indoor Movements in Stores by Wi-Fi Monitoring)
    Sundong Kim, Jae-Gil Lee
    Korea Computer Congress Winter Conference (KCC), 2016. (Poster Presentation)
    [Link] [PDF]

  • 한글 DBPedia 온톨로지 스키마 구축
    (Building a Schema of the Korean DBpedia Ontology)
    Minseo Kang, Jaesung Kim, Sundong Kim, Jae-Gil Lee
    The 26th Annual Conference on Human and Cognitive Language Technology (HCLT), 2014.

  • 증강된 온톨로지를 위한 시각화 도구
    (Ontology Visualization Tool for Evolved Ontology)
    Minseo Kang, Jaesung Kim, Sundong Kim, Jae-Gil Lee
    Korea Computer Congress (KCC), 2014. (Poster Presentation)
    [Link] [PDF]

  • 한국어 디비피디아의 자동 스키마 진화를 위한 방법
    (A Method of Automatic Schema Evolution on DBpedia Korea)
    Sundong Kim, Minseo Kang, Jae-Gil Lee
    Spring Conference of the Korea Information Processing Society (KIPS), 2014.
    [PDF] [Presentation]

Complete Works / Working Paper

  • Utilizing In-Store Sensors for Revisit Prediction, Sundong Kim and Jae-Gil Lee, submitted to KDD’2018.
  • Predictability of Customer Revisit, Working paper.
  • Exploring Revisit from Customers’ Point-of-Interests, Working paper.
  • Maintaining Wi-Fi Fingerprinted Point-of-Interests, Working paper.

Unpublished Works

  • Automatic Knowledge Base Evolution by Learning Instances, arXiv. [Link]
  • Behavior of Self-Motivated Agents in Complex Networks, arXiv. [Link]


  • 특정 사용자로의 영향력을 최대화하는 친구 추천 방법
    (Maximizing Influence over a Target User through Friend Recommendation)
    Sundong Kim
    Master’s thesis for Industrial & Systems Engineering dept, KAIST, 2015.
    [PDF] [Presentation]